Buying and selling cars with classified ads in the COVID-19 phase

Eshoopas February 13, 2023

Buying and selling cars with classified ads in the COVID-19 phase

Buying and selling cars with classified ads in the COVID-19 phase was a very hectic thing for both the buyer and seller. COVID-19 phase has made it even difficult for the buyers and sellers. This is because most of the markets are not operational. This removes most of the opportunities for buying and selling a car. But the classified ads sites like Eshoopas make it very easy to make a great deal for the cars.

This can efficiently help you in getting rid of the dealers that say we buy cars at the best prices, but you end up selling your car for the worst price.

How to sell your car with the classified ads sites like?

 At sites like Eshoopas, all you need to do is to efficiently market your car and you will get a lot of messages for buying your car right away. But marketing your car efficiently is not an easy job. Here we will tell you how you can market your car in the best possible way.

Post an informational ad.

The first step in selling your car is that you post an ad. The best way is to keep the add as interesting and informative as possible. Every ad has a title and a cover image. You need to make the title and the cover image as informative and attractive as possible. This is because with the right information on the title of the add presented amazingly will attract people towards your ad.

Make the description true and informative.

The next step that you will need to follow is that you make a very true description of your car. A good description can contain each and everything about your car. Not your memories but these things:

  • Specifications.
  • Qualities.
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Features

While describing these things, you must state only the facts and do not try to make any false information. This will impose a very negative impact on our ad. 

Respond to the messages as soon as possible.

As soon as your ad is live, people will start noticing it. The interested ones will also open the add. Some dealers who say that we buy cars might review your ad as well. To make a great deal quickly, you need to respond to all the queries. There might be some false queries, but you will need to ignore them and focus on the real ones because this will help you a lot in making a good deal.

Stay loyal and true about the condition of your car. 

The dealers that state we buy cars like to buy only good quality cars as their main purpose is to make a good profit. You must say only the true information about your car. This will help you and the buyer in making a great deal.


Selling a car is not an easy job these days, but sites like Eshoopas that allow users to post free classified ads are great for the people to sell their cars. If you are also looking for a reasonable way to sell your car, go and check out their services right away.

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