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Today at 12:07am
5G antenna Cross Polarized MIMO Mount grid antenna

Just wanted to start off saying where I live. There are very few options for Internet. So what I use is a Netgear nighthawk MR 1100 hotspot. I have this antenna mounted on a 35 foot antenna tower. I have tried many other antennas ranging from yagi antennas to Mimo panel antennas.The tower I am using is4.5 miles away with trees in the mix. So I can’t see the tower, but I have the gps coordinates and I use that to point. The other antennas worked ok, but this antenna is far superior ! I have full signal on each LTE band that the tower offers. My signal is much more stable! If your struggling with signal for a hotspot or similar try this it works amazing! I should also mention that I bought this as a used item. It had missing parts, but when I contacted the manufacturer, they were great went over and beyond to make it right. I definitely recommend this antenna and this manufacturer.

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